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February 7, 2013
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Abisso (dark Visual Style Windows 8.1 Upd.1) Upd13 by ezio Abisso (dark Visual Style Windows 8.1 Upd.1) Upd13 by ezio
Please see the new 2014 version! 


Here's Abisso, a dark black & electric blue Visual style for Windows 8.1 Update1.
Ribbon is now black by default, no need to change sys files.

A great thanks to guys for their support!


Ezio Lacandia Bijelkic



14 May 2014
- no changes and no update to download, just an IMPORTANT info:
On some configs, the theme switches to default after shutting down Windows. It's due to the fast startup option, just disable it (see "TO-DO (disable) if the theme switches to default at boot.jpg" in this package).

01 May 2014:
- fix: no white borders in the tiles context menu (to update, just copy the new .msstyles, other files are unchanged)

- sorry, wrong upload lol. Please redownload.

12 Apr 2014:
- fixed colorization, no need to set it manually
- black text (instead of white) in context menu for highlighted entries
- Win8.1 Update 1 compatibility fix, with the new tiles context menu (right click on a tile in the Start to show it).
The theme will not support Windows 8 and 8.1 anymore, Update 1 is mandatory according to Microsoft (otherwise you will not receive Windows Update patches).
- if you use stylish in your browser, check these new dark styles for web pages:

05 Dec 2013:
- cleaning up the gui: no separators in context menu
- auto hiding scrollbars in explorer (both vertical and horizontal), they appear on mouseover

20 Nov 2013:
- now visible column separator in explorer detailed view (thanks chemistrylab500x for the hint!)
- more visible title for inactive windows (thanks chemistrylab500x for the hint!)

16 Sep 2013:
- fixed jumplist corruption on Win 8.1 (new .msstyle)

22 Aug 2013:
- added an alternative .theme to enable white ribbon instead of the black one (no more invisible text in some popups like in Chrome). For more details see the related notes in the package.

29 May 2013:
- no more white parts in the GUI instead of dark ones if you block the user, or send a sleep/hybernate/logoff command to the system!! (just apply the new regfile in the pack). Thanks eats7 for the hint!!

07 Apr 2013:
- changed colors for scrollbars (dark grey - dark blue), thanks ViRuSTriNiTy for the hint!

20 Mar 2013:
- darker and more pleasant blue for mouse hover on taskbar thumbnails

06 Mar 2013:
- changed colors for the search box in windows explorer, now its behavior is similar to the one of the address bar;
- in Windows Update, in the detailed list of hotfixes to be installed, the left column is now black instead of grey.

18 Feb 2013:
- new behavior for the explorer address bar on mouse hover, now the single folder is highlighted instead of the complete breadcrumb (thanks to chemistrylab500x for the hint!)

10 Feb 2013:
- darker blue for highlighted text in menus (disabled voices are a little more visible)

09 Feb 2013:
- white visible text instead of black for mouse hover on some buttons;
- new blue expand/reduce button in the left low corner of the task manager, and maybe in other windows too;
- some minor fixes

08 Feb 2013:
- blue (instead of yellow) color for the hilighter when you search file in explorer;
- more visible text in few popups.



NB: Windows sometimes marks downloaded zip files from Internet as unsafe and this can causes issues.
So, don't forget to unblock the zip before extracting it: right click, then go to "Properties" and  select "Unblock" in the bottom box.

- after running Windows Update, load the standard "Windows" theme (aero.theme) before restarting the system to avoid black screen at boot. After the boot, you can chose Gray2014 or other modded themes.

On some configs, the theme switch to default after shutting down Windows. It's due to the fast startup option, just disable it (see "TO-DO (disable) if the theme switch to default at boot.jpg" in this package).

You need to apply this uxtheme patch (others could not function properly):
Avoid other system files patching tools (sometimes, in that situation, the boot of Windows can be broken by Windows update).

Then, in "C:\Windows\Resources\Themes", you should have this structure:
- "C: | Windows | Resources | Themes | Abisso.theme"
- "C: | Windows | Resources | Themes | Abisso | "
- "C: | Windows | Resources | Themes | Abisso | Abisso.msstyles"
- "C: | Windows | Resources | Themes | Abisso | Wall | "
- "C: | Windows | Resources | Themes | Abisso | shell | "

Then, on the desktop, right mouse click --> Personalize, and choose "Abisso" under "Installed themes".

In the pack there's a registry fix to avoid white elements instead of dark ones after blocking the user, or sending a sleep/hybernate command to the system. Just apply it.

Install and set the included transparency tool as described in the "transparency" folder of this package.
PLEASE NOTE: some antivirus could find a malware in that folder, it's a false positive (due to the set-at-boot.reg behaviour).



There are some barely visibile fonts in few programs but it usually depends from the program itself (if it applies visual style colors for some parts, and hardcoded colors for other parts).

To set transparency in windows and popup frames use the tool included in this pack.

With Firefox, let web pages load their own colors (you can change behavior in FF settings). With Chrome all is good at default.

If you want to change the white background of some web pages like youtube, facebook, google, install STYLISH in your browser and check these css:

For WMP background:…
Or, better, apply wmploc.dll from this pack:…
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graigdv Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New member
ezio Featured By Owner 4 days ago
Uninstall ONE, select the standard Windows theme, reboot, select Abisso, install ONE again and set it.
dhrumilshah49 Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014  New member
i am not able to apply this theme...i appearences and yours are me plzz..!!!
ezio Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Follow instructions step by step :P
MannyMammut Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2014  New member
Hi, i love your theme!!! But i want to change something. My system colors are everywhere Black/Orange, but my explorer is Black/Blue. Can you explane how to change this? Maybe you can add it to your very nice instructions?

Everything work nice thanks!!!

Sorry for my bad english
ezio Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2014
Colors are hardcoded, to change them you need to mod the theme (with vistastylebuilder for example).
spartan201000 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014
In the first thank you for the great work In the folder of shell he tel me it can't replace the file with another 
can you if you please give me the easiest  method of installation of this theme because I'm new in windows I'm a Mac user so can you give me help
thank you very much 
ezio Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014
Luigi vedo che sei italiano, non devi sostituire file, ma installare uxstyle e poi copiare i file del tema in c:\windows\resources come descritto nelle istruzioni di installazione.
Segui tutto passo-passo.
minhtien0506hp Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
I can't save the setting of transparency ! Please help me :(
minhtien0506hp Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
Each time I shut down and turn on, the theme stay the same but I must re-set the transparency, what annoying, could you help me with this problem ? Thanks
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